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About Us

Sinn Loong is a family-owned trading company that has its start in peanuts. Located in Raub, Sinn Loong first opened its doors in 1948.

Since then, the company has expanded — and so has its line of products. Today, the brand offers not only the humble peanuts from its history but also other irresistible products including snacks, biscuits, honey, and coffee.

72 years and hundreds of thousands of peanuts later, Sinn Loong is a renowned brand not only in Malaysia but also across the regions.

In fact, the factory has been selected as one of the stations for tourism at Raub, Pahang. With this opportunity, Sinn Loong opens the doors of its factory to tourists — for them to enjoy, explore, and experience the rich heritage of the brand as well as the delectable peanuts and other products.

A favorite of the young and the old, Sinn Loong’s products are also available at various coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, and shopping malls.








Sinn Loong’s Milestones

1948 – Sinn Loong began operation with only one product — the Original peanut.

1990 – Stoked by increasing demand, we expanded our line of peanuts. This was when various flavours such as salty and red beancurd made their way into our line of products.

2000 – To accommodate the high demand and increased production, Sinn Loong shifted to a bigger factory. A revolutionary year, this was also the year we expanded our line of products beyond peanuts to snacks, biscuits, and more. This was the year we ventured out of Pahang and distributed our products all across Malaysia, too.

2010 – We opened our doors to tourists in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia.

2020 – Sinn Loong goes online. We are currently setting up an online store to better cater to customers all across Malaysia and the world. With more expansion on the horizon, we are also developing more and more new products to add to our brand, including honey, coffee, and ice cream.


1948年 - 胜荣(Sinn Loong)以单一产品:自家生产花生开业。

1990年 – 随着需求的增加,我们扩大了花生的生产线。我们也借此机会推出了咸味花生、南乳味花生以及各种不同口味的花生味我们的固定产品系列。

2000年 - 为了适应市场需求和产量的增加,胜荣搬迁到了更广大的工厂。在短短的一年时间里,我们从仅有的花生系列产品线扩展到生产零食,饼干等。这一年也是我们迈出彭亨州的一年,把我们的产品推出到整个马来西亚。

2010年 - 我们与马来西亚旅游局合作,把工厂开放供游客参观。

2020年 – 胜荣的上线了。我们目前正在建立胜荣的网上专卖店,以更好地迎合马来西亚和世界各地的客户。随着胜荣不断的研发和扩展,我们有更多的新产品添加到其品牌下,其中包括蜂蜜,咖啡和冰淇淋。

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